About Me

I am Karina Porushkevich and I am a business professional who has a problem, I am addicted to fashion and creative design. Even though I am NOT A Mother/ Foodie/Man/Dog/WishboneWhatever other noun people stick in these bio things.  Is the cool thing to do nowadays to list every relationship,job,injury and yogurt flavor that you relate to in under 120 words, right ?  I am so new to this “blogosphere” world and I haven’t had the time to learn all of the cool tricks yet, but I am working on it.I promise my blog will be so much better as soon as I find an amazing web designer (*cough**cough* hint** hint* shout out to my web designers in Los Angeles- Holla at this lady up NOW – I NEED your help) As much as I have tried to avoid the whole “blogger” sphere I am here to join all of you hungry front row seated Blowdry bar Friday girls.

Karina Porushkevich (also known as KarinaRussianpowpow / Karina pow pow is a woman,a fighter & at the end of the day a Ukrainian immigrant living in America hoping to be in that 1% that makes it in this crazy world of ours. Karina was born in Kiev,Ukraine immigrated to Los Angeles,CA to start a new life in the USA with 1 suitcase in hand and my other hand grasping  onto to my mom for dear life. I was always a kid with such passion,drive and I always felt like a grown-up because I was forced to grow up early in my life since we lived in a country where my mother did not speak or understand the English language, my adult mentality still is trapped in my 7 year old immigrant mind.

Just like every Eastern European parent worldwide, my mother thought it was best to enroll me in every possible activity or class within a the 50-mile radius didn’t necessarily had to be anything I was remotely interested in either.   After hitting a few sour piano notes,almost breaking half of my body parts in ballet , and then doing a back-flip on a trampoline where I almost fractured my neck, to me whacking a few tennis balls in the park one day realizing I had a knack for this tennis thing so I decided to stick with tennis and stick it I certainly did do. I played internationally and nationally and went on to pursue a business degree with my full-tuition athletic scholarship. Due to some unfortunate incidents at Virginia Tech, I came back to California to get away from the reality of life and to continue my pursuit of happiness. So, here I am back again, the land of Hollywood otherwise known as Hollywood The Land of Broken Dreams, where few dreams are made and many hopes are shattered. I felt as though I came back into my fishbowl L.A. life which I tried escaping in the first place by going away to Virginia in the 1st place, you didn’t actually think I went there for the scenery and the cows did you? Los Angeles looks big if you are someone from a small state or from another country because you see it on tv and you build up your own imaginary view on Hollywood,but  I can tell you that is not that big , actually very tiny, and I am just one of the fisheys swimming  in this tank full of sharks, stories are created and tears are shed,but no one gives a shit at the end of the day anyway.

I hope you guys enjoy the vision that I project through this blog and hopefully I can supply each and every one of my readers with some creative motivation or inspiration.Keep in mind I don’t post junk just to fill up my blog , I refuse to post for the sake of posting ,I put every effort in to bringing my blog some bite. Enjoy my blogospheres.

Xo K


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I'm the female Robin Leach – Karina Porushkevich

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