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Karina Porushkevich came from Ukraine at the age of seven to start a new life in the USA. Growing up traveling around the world competing on the international tennis circuit was a journey of its own that I cannot be more thankful for,but she always knew her heart was in the infrastructure of business, not tennis. Karina went on to pursue her college degree away from California sun at a prestigious school called Virginia Polytechnic Institute & University where she had received a full NCAA Division 1 scholarship to attend and compete on behalf of the Hokies. After a short time at the school an unfortunate tragedy occurred which had forced Karina to make the decision to transfer back to L.A. To finish her college education. She transferred back immediately after the VTech shootings to go on and and venture into retail And hospitality while she bulldozed through a heavy course load,but that didn't phase Ms.Porushkevich because she had grown up taught to be a fighter in anything she did In life, overcoming the hurdles life threw at her she proved anything can be achieved and overcoming obstacles became one of the main reasons she has gone on to become a successful business professional , serial entrepreneur and community activist within Los Angeles. Not to forget Karina grew up having a full-time of playing tennis with originally just a goal of receiving a college scholarship but as in all of her endeavors Karina makes it a mission to exceed everyone's expectations so by the time she turned 16 she was rallying with the big girls on the professional tennis tour. Ms.Porushkevich became the first Ukrainian to be invited to play for the US tennis team for a very prestigious team competition held in Australia . Growing up playing tennis gave Karina a chance to develop and sharpen her mental toughness skills and good thing she did because upon her college graduation she took upon her first ownership role in a restaurant and bad business in Hollywood. Karina has received extensive recognition for her her work and turnaround of the failing restaurant operation which provided her to establish and maintain key relationships within the Hollywood business community while gaining the trust and respect of established Hollywood business heavyweights. After departing Citizen Smith , Karina went on to explore the marketing and advertising world before being recruited for a coveted position with Mr.Young (Dr.Dre) and his family to oversee and maintain their luxury real estate portfolio. Besides having worked for a range of Forbes list heavyweights Karina has become a key-player and rights activist in within the Euromaidan of Ukraine movement.Karina Porushkevich is known to speak the language of the people no matter where they are from, whether they are Ukrainian or American it doesn't matter they are all people and everyone deserves a chance to have their say.

Art & Design: Pharrell Williams x Kartell Bourgie Lamp

Hip-hop’s leading man of 2014 Pharrell Williams collaborates with interior design legend Kartell to create the Bourgie Lamp… I wonder if Pharrell fans will be lining up outside of the Los Angeles Kartell store outpost just like they line up and down Fairfax Ave. every time Supreme releases a new sock…If you spot hipster looking skaters in G wagons outside of Kartell please snap a pic and send it over. Stay smart.


“Cant Stop Wont Stop” is the motto this year for Mr.Williams as he has his hand in yet another endeavor. Pharrell is throwing his spin in the world of product design (once again) by designing his version of the Kartell Bourgie lamp.
Designed by Ferrucio Laviani for Italian contemporary furniture company Kartell, the Bourgie lamp is their bestselling item.
To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Kartell invited various creatives to design their own interpretation of the lamp. Here’s a first look at Pharrell’s vision which features a human arm holding the lamp and shade. It’s said to be a representation of “man’s path to enlightenment, escaping the plight of shade.” The pieces will be exhibited at Kartell’s New York showroom on Greene Street in SoHo.


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You Can Now Turn Your Instagrams Into Shoes

Who needs gift cards when I can have my Instagram pictures printed on my friends new birthday sneakers which I so kindly got for them 🙂 my my….what will they think of next ? ” I got my #instagram on but they look like sneakers “


Have you ever looked down at your gym shoes and thought, “If only my sneakers were plastered in pictures of yesterday’s Crab Cakes Egg Benedict… then I’d really be fashion forward.”

Yes? Anyone?

No matter.

Adidas thought it would be a great idea to allow consumers to design their shoes with photos they’ve taken on Instagram — finally combining the world of food porn and footwear. By using the adidas Photo Print App, people can print and paste photos on their ZX Flux shoes. And while while adidas suggests buyers slap on their pictures of hamburgers, cherry blossoms and giant rock formations, we have a more hip and with it list of Instagram suggestions: a friend doing duck face, your hot dog legs at the beach, or a very self-aware shot of a circle of your friends’ shoes.

It seems like you can turn an Instagram photo into just…

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Beyond Instagram: Photo Editing and Typography Apps

Beyond Instagram: Photo Editing and Typography Appsby Cheri Lucas Rowlands on March 5, 2014Last year, we shared some of our favorite photo apps and alternatives to Instagram. We’ve since discovered more photo apps, some free and some a few bucks each, as well as options focusing on specific effects (such as adding text and enhancing images with typography). Here are some options worth checking out.GENERAL EDITINGAdobe Photoshop Express (iOS | Android | Windows — all free)From the makers of Photoshop, this in-your-pocket version is an all-around solid app for general editing, filters, borders and frames (for the iOS version only), and easy touch-ups (cropping, straightening, rotating, removing red eye). You can also capture images right in the app, and share your mini-masterpieces across your social networks, too.Photo Editor by Aviary (iOS | Android | Windows — all free)Another free editing app, Aviary lets you add filters and frames, creative stickers, and more, and offers touch-up tools (red eye removal, blemish retouching, and even teeth whitening) to improve your pictures on the go.Lomogram (Windows, free)Want to share your life through lomo colors? A Windows alternative to Instagram, Lomogram has a mix of retro effects, borders (from polaroid to 35mm), scratches, light leaks/tweaks, auto-vignetting, and more. You can combine these effects to create a unique and oftentimes quirky image, all in the spirit of lomography and analog photography.TEXT AND TYPOGRAPHYPicLab (PicLab HD) (iOS (free) | iOS HD, $1.99) | Android, free)

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